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Vanilla: The Next Super Spice

The benefits and discoveries behind the most famous flavor in the world . . .

Vanilla is becoming the next super spice (food). Aside from its traditional uses, modern science reveals that there is more to vanilla than great taste. Continuing studies support the concept that vanilla may have health benefits from its natural phenolic compounds. These unique attributes along with its one-of-a-kind flavor elevate vanilla to be unmatched and indispensable.

The fruit (bean) of vanilla plants, a climbing orchid, is a source of a large array of vanilla products, which are used extensively in foods, cosmetics, and personal care products. The vanilla species used in commerce consist of Vanillaplanifolia and Vanilla tahitensis. Since its discovery in Mexico and introduction by the Spanish Conquistadores around 400 years ago the use of vanilla beans and vanilla products has grown steadily. Vanilla products have become the world’s most used and important flavor, as seen by vanilla cultivation in warm-zone regions such as Mexico, Madagascar, Uganda, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and India.