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Vanilla Products

Vanilla is the only flavor in the US that has a standard of identity listed under the code of Federal Regulation. The article clearly states the list of ingredients that are allowed to be used in order to be able to label the product pure vanilla.

The basic fold system is defined as follows: One fold consists of a total extractive matter of 13.35 oz. of cured vanilla beans containing 25% moisture in a gallon of liquid. Two (2) fold will be 26.7 oz. in 1 gallon and so on. In order to label a product “pure vanilla extract” the extract must contain at least 35% ethanol by volume. Less than the above will be labeled vanilla flavor.

Vanilla beans are the fruit of the climbing orchid. Only two species are allowed to be used in food products, including V. planifolia, and V. tahitensis. Bakto Flavors offer 2 vanilla beans in sealed glass test tubes. We also offer vanilla beans in bulk.. There are different vanilla beans based on the origin, place of growing, and curing. The main production areas are Madagascar, Mexico, Uganda, India, and Indonesia, which grow V. planifolia. The V. tahitensis come from Tahiti and Papua New Guinea (PNG). Vanilla beans need to be stored in a cool, dry place in a sealed container. With time some of the moisture and flavor escape. Dry beans should not be discarded. These beans can be used for cooking although with some loss of aroma and flavor.