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Natural Irish Cream Flavor - 32 OZ

32 OZ Bottle. Ingredients: Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Water, Alcohol, Caramel Color, and Natural Flavors. DAIRY. For larger sizes, contact us at



This is a great find...particularly if you like the taste of Irish Cream in desserts, but have to worry about kids.

by JR


Getting ready for a combo St. Patrick's celebration and an Irish heritage celebration. Searched the web & grabbed an Irish cookbook off of Amazon because there were few, if any, Irish desserts without alcohol (whiskey, Baileys, Porter, Stout)....and, there would be plenty of kids at this event. If it wasn't a county event, I'd go right for the alcohol, so I figured I'd give a shot (not literally) trying to find Irish Cream extract. Of course, Amazon comes to the rescue! I would recommend taste testing to get the strength of the flavor you desire. This will give me the green light to try some more Irish desserts that I have withheld for fear of being exiled from the PTA. This is a very cool find--two thumbs up from me! When I am not trying to impress the PTA at an event or bake sale, I go of the real stuff at home!


*VERIFIED PURCHASE - More reviews here.

Natural Irish Cream Flavor - 32 OZ

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