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While some Smartphone Experts suggest that there is only “one launcher to rule them all”, implying that the best launcher for android truly exists out there? I do not believe that is possible, even if I for one have a favorite launcher that I value above the others. The same as I can’t find best vpn apps for android.

We all use our smartphones differently. Everyone has their favorite launcher; however, if you still haven't discovered which one is your favorite launcher yet, then our collection of the best android launchers in 2022 should satisfy every type of user.

1. Microsoft Launcher

One might anticipate that if the Microsoft Corporation have been to broaden a launcher app for android, it'd be just like that of the Windows Phone— and you will be wrong, due to the fact now no longer best is the Microsoft Launcher app an Android-primarily based totally revel in, it's also a pinnacle-notch launcher, and one only a few launchers except the Nova Launcher to offer sub-grid positioning and part-to-part widget support!

The Microsoft Launcher revel in revolves around a neat domestic display screen offering a sturdy, two-stage dock, a clever information feed connected with pastime out of your day-by-day phone use and Microsoft account, plus a quick-app drawer wherein all of your favorite apps can without problems be found.

2. Action Launcher

The watchword of the Action Launcher app is Quickpage, Quicktheme, Quickbar, Quickdrawer and to make sure that it's far one of the excellent and quickest android launcher apps for its customers, Action Launcher has set up itself because the maximum customizable Android launcher available in the marketplace this is free.

From its awesome gesture controls to intuitive Covers and Shutters for hiding folders and widgets below app shortcuts, the Action Launcher app makes it less complicated to leap to the house display screen whilst you want, even if it's Quick subject now and again misses the mark.

3. Apus Launcher

The Apus Launcher for Android barely differs from maximum different current launchers due to the fact it's far much less centered on configuring your tool manually and much more likely to pick from one in every of many user-described domestic displays with the accompanying features.

However, Apus Launcher nevertheless comes with in-constructed alternatives for customization. Users can, for instance, edit icons, domestic displays, and wallpapers, and, create numerous transition effects.

The primary selling factor of Apus Launcher is the convenience and pace with which customers can set-up custom designed Home packs with user-described colors, domestic displays, themes, and so on.

I am assured that a few readers are having a distinctive Android launcher in thought with the aid of using now as their pinnacle choice, which might make an experience if it enables you to enhance your workflow.

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