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Overview of the Penis Enlargement Pump.

The male enlargement product that is currently popular is the penis pump. Before you buy let's discuss what a penis pump is and how we choose a more effective pump.

Traditional penis pumps basically use air to create pressure which in turn is said to expand the penis, creating a larger size. While temporary benefits are evident, the real attraction to using a pump is the hope for a permanent increase in penis size. This is said to be achieved through repeated use of the pump over a period of weeks or even months given that individual growth varies.

The problem is that most men will never succeed for more than a few weeks using a traditional penis pump due to a number of issues such as discomfort and fear of injury.

Traditional pumps have had reports of injuries, thus giving them a negative wrap for penis enlargement. And the benefits are also questionable.

how could this happen? yes, this does not rule out the possibility of injuring the penis because while in the process of pumping the traction obtained by the wind is uneven. In contrast to water based pumps, these have been tested for several years and the results are quite positive.

So today we have a new "type" of penis pump, which instead of using air, uses water to create pressure and in turn, creates size. The temporary size advantage is even more apparent with the new water-based pumps.

The most popular water pump is called Bathmate. These pumps come in a variety of sizes, but are essentially an all-in-one device as there are no additional tubes or "pumping mechanisms" attached to them. You simply fill it with water, insert the penis and pump out some excess water and let it sit for a few minutes.

Using water makes this type of pump much safer than traditional "old pumps". Also, the convenience factor is big, as it can be used while showering or just relaxing in the shower.

Then what about effectiveness? As said, the temporary increase in size is obvious, so if one is interested in surprising his partner with a bigger penis than usual, then it can work well (especially to impress a new partner). Remember, sex is very "mental". The visual stimulation that men receive from big breasts or beautiful legs creates a strong sexual arousal. The same is true for women who are aroused by a larger penis size. Visually seeing a bigger penis will create more sexual arousal.

Now for the permanent increase in size, there is more and more positive feedback from people who are achieving real gains, which for several months have continued. The Bathmate hydro -based penis pump could be the answer for men looking to increase their penis size for a long time.

Of course this will not happen overnight. A permanent increase in size will take time, usually a few weeks to months.

So, is Bathmate worth a try?

If you want to increase the size temporarily, yes. If you want to add a permanent size increase, then given the quality of this particular pump, the increased safety compared to older pumps, and the increasing amount of positive feedback from actual users, then yes it is worth a try.

Remember to focus on water-based pumps. It is currently the most popular Bathmate model, although other brands have appeared. They (Bathmate) have 3 different models to choose from.

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How often do I use it?

We recommend 15 minutes per session. Use the unit as often as once a day, but no less than three times a week for best results. - You will be amazed at the improvement in both erect and flaccid penis size, and it can also, psychologically, dramatically improve your performance as well.

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